Yazd Accent, Bikes and Tunning Alleys

Yazdi accent is close to all parts of Iran but has delicate differences. People love Yazdi accent a lot and when a Yazdi speaks everyone is all ear and enjoying. Yazd is like a shadow in desert and surrounded by ancient sites like Ernan rock painting, Anahita temple of Qarbal Biz springs, Kasnavieh hills, Saryazd citadel, and etc. there is a story about City of bicycles that is : if the Philips bicycle factory could sell bicycles to Yazdis, 100 years of sale was definitely guaranteed. Since past years, there is a variety of bicycles in basement of any house in Yazd and the most famous one is Lari bike. Dr. Eslami Nodoushan; well-known writer wrote in his book “ROOZHA”around 70 years ago: Besides sound of steps and noise of people, there was a sound of DING-DING of bicycles horn (alarm), sounded  really ear-catching to me like tone of nightingales breaking the silence.  

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