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Being known as Soltaniyeh about 1000 years ago, Zanjan is a hidden gem in Iran tourism. Located in north-west of Iran, here is home to Ancient Salt men, Head to Archeology museum to listen to the story. Zanjan has a cold climate and most of the winter is snowy. The area was the capital of Mongol Ilkhanid rulers of Persia in the 14th century but now is a small province mostly known with its knifes in Iran.





The largest brick dome in the world is Soltaniye dome, mausoleum of one the greatest Ilkhanid kings. Travel to Tabriz from Zanjan and see the amazing scenery of colorful mountains. Khtale Khor cave, a 3 story river-cave system is a nature wonder in the province. Do not forget to visit the ancient mummies in the archeological museum, 6 miners who were buried in the Salt mine and because of the dryness the corpses were preserved.

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