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Historic city of Yazd, The only adobe city of the world, the only city in Iran inscribed in UNESCO, city of wind-towers, city of bicycles are all epithets used to describe Yazd, capital city of Yazd province in central Iran. Yazd is usually known as a desert province but there are lavish pomegranate gardens in counties like Taft and Mehriz. Textiles and pastries are among most popular souvenirs of Yazd, and you can see many workshops through the province.
Yazd is famous for its unique caravanserai and citadels. Make sure to visit Saryazd citadel and Zeynodin caravanserai.




Walking in Yazd old town is like walking through history, the tall wind catchers helped to take fresh breeze to the houses will catch your eye. Qanats are a fabulous system of bringing water to from mountains to the city, find a Qanat channel and walk into it. Yazd has a surprising nature as well with mountains and terracing springs.

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