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Sistan & Baluchistan is the largest province of Iran and is located south east of the country. The Mythological Land of Sistan is mentioned in Avesta (Zoroastrian holy book) as the 11th land that Ahuramazda has created. The birthplace of Rustam, the epic hero of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh ,is also Sistan. The first Iranian ruler of this land after Islam was, “Jacob Laith Saffari”. Jacob Laith Saffari declared the Persian language as the official language of the country after he defeated the Arabs. Capital city is Zahedan and Chabahar, an important international port is in the province.







Shahr-i Sokhta, the remains of the mud brick city, bear witness to the emergence of the first complex societies in eastern Iran. Kooh Khajeh, a hill on the middle of the Hamoon lake is sacred for Zoroastrians and has bas reliefs from Parthians era. Chabahar is an economically important port with amazing nature and peaceful beaches. Pottery dishes and needlework textiles are souvenirs of the area.

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