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Skirting the ancient Hyrcanian forests Mazandaran province is located. The largest city and capital of the province is Sari. The province borders the provinces of Qazvin, Gilan, Alborz, Zanjan, Tehran, Semnan and Golestan. It has two different climates. Cold climate of mountainous regions. And humid climate of Caspian shoreline. Lavish forests, Caspian coast, beautiful scenery and nice weather make Mazandaran a popular weekend destination among Iranians.




The province has breathtaking shores, numerous rivers such as Jajrud, Haraz, Alamut, Noor and Chalus river, waterfalls including Ab Pari, Gazu and Alashoor waterfall, springs and caves. Mount Damavand, the highest peak in Iran is in the province. Badab-e surt, stepped springs is a stunning place to visit. Ramsar cable car, Valasht lake and Abbas abad jungle are other natural sites you shouldn’t miss.

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