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Kurdistan province is located in west of Iran. The capital city of the province is Sanandaj and is bound by the provinces of west Azerbaijan, Zanjan , Kermanshah, Hamadan and the country of Iraq. Most of the inhabitants of Kurdistan are Kurdish people whose language is the Kurdish dialect. Wearing traditional clothes is very common for both men and women. Women dresses and headscarves are in bright colors and men wear puffy (baggy, loose) pants and long- sleeved jackets. The province has mild springs and summers but the winters are cold.




The province is covered by mountains and hills and has an amazing nature including rivers, lakes and caves which make it picturesque. Important rivers in this province are Zarrinehrood, Sirvan river, Ghezel Ozoon and Saminerhrood. Lake Zarivar and Vahdat and Cave Kereftoo and Shoovi are other natural sites you can see. Kilim and jajim weaving are two handicrafts of the region. Variety of animals and birds living there is amazing.

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