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Khuzestan province is in the southwest of Iran, located on the shore of Persian Gulf, and is the center for Iranian oil and gas production. Khuzestan is the oldest region of Iran’s plateau and has witnessed many of the civilization’s great empires. The capital city is Ahvaz, an industrial city which Karoon, the largest and only navigable river in Iran, flows through it. The ethnic groups of the province are Arabs, Lurs and Fars.




Elamite civilization in the third millennium BC began in Khuzestan, and now you can see the best surviving example of Elamite architecture in Chogha Zanbil. It’s hey-day was in Achamenid and Sassanid era and now there are ruins of Darius’s palace in Susa. Hydraulic system in Shushtar is a genius way to use water which was made during Sassanid. Tomb of Daniel (a biblical prophetic) is a pilgrimage site in Susa.

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