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Kermanshah province located in western part of Iran is home to many natural and historical sightseeings. The largest city of the province is Kermanshah which is its capital city. It is bounded by the provinces of Lorestan, Ilam, Hamadan and Kurdistan and the country of Iraq. The major religions are Shia and Sunnite branches of Islam. Most of the inhabitants living in Kermanshah are Kurds. The province enjoys a moderate climate.




Some of the historic sites of the province are : Tekyeh Biglar Beigi , the rock carvings at BistounAnd Taq-e Bostan and tekyeh moaven al-molk. Two traditional sweets of the province are Nan Berenji and Nan Shekari and their special foods are Khoresht-e Khalal and Dande Kebab. Giveh is a kind of soft, comfortable shoe best of which can be found in Kermanshah. Kermanshah also has many Neolithic sites such as Ganj Dareh, Sarab, and Asiab.

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