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Kerman province formerly called ”karmania” is situated in the southeast of Iran. The capital of the province is Kerman. The province constitutes 11 % of Iran’s total area. The province is surrounded by Yazd, South khorasan, Sistan and Baluchistan, Hormozgan and Fars. The history of Kerman dates back to the 4th millennium BC. The province is famous for its cumin, carpet, rich mines and pistachio. The province enjoys diverse climate, rich culture and attractive art.




There are several springs, waterfalls, rivers and historic sites in Kerman province. Some of them are : Bam Citadel (Arg-e Bam), Meymand Village, Shazdeh Garden, Shahdad Kalouts, Ganjali Khan Complex, Rayen Castle, Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine, Jabalieh Dome, Jame Mosque of Kerman, Fathabad Garden and Halilrud river. Ghovvatoo and komaj are lacal pastries of kerman. The province has four peaks higher than 4000 meters.

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