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Located in western Iran, Hamadan province catches everyone’s eye. The ancient name of Hamadan was Ecbatana ( Hegmatane ) which was the Median capital and also the summer capital of the Achaemenid kings . It was laid on the Silk Road and was an important business center in Persia. The province has temperate warm summers and relatively cold winters. It enjoys a lot of historic and natural sites and is an important province for the Jewish as tombs of Mordecai and Esther are in Hamadan.




Some of the most important historic sites in the province are : The Ganj Nameh Inscription, The Grave of Avicenna, The Stone Lion, The Grave of Esther and Mordecai and Tomb of Baba Taher (the Persian poet). The most important natural site in Hamadan province is Ali Sadr water cave, the biggest water cave in Iran. Three other natural sites in Hamadan are Ganjnameh waterfall, Alvand Mountain and Abbas Abad forest.

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