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Located in north-east of Iran, golestan province has a moderate and humid climate. Majority of the population are Mazandaranis and Turkmens. The province is coterminous with Turkmenistan from the north, mazandaran province from the west and Semnan from the south. The history of the province dates back to 7000 years ago and enjoy historical sites, waterfalls, rivers , jungles, national parks and caves. The most important cities of the province are gorgan and gonbad qabus. The Turkmen rugs and carpets are famouse in the world. The best season to visit the province is.




The most important national park in Iran, Golestan National park is located in the province. Some of other natural sites are ashuradeh island (the only Persian island in Caspian Sea), Alagol, Almagol, Aji gol and Gamishan lagoons, Atrak, Gorgan rud and Gharesu river. Two famous historic sites in the province are Gonbad-e Qabus Tower which is the highest brick tower of the world and is registered by UNESCO and Great wall of Gorgan, the second great wall of the world which dates back to 5th century.

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