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Located on the western end of the Alborz mountain range and the western part of Iran’s Caspian coast is where 90% of Iran’s tea is produced. Gilan with its intact nature, refreshing climate and mouth-watering cuisine is Iranians haven for vacation. A narrow river devides Iran from Azerbaijan in this province. Rasht is the capital and the most populous city with the population of about 700000.




Mountain forests, rice paddies, tea bushes, Fuman historic castle, emerald-green lands, terracing village of Masuleh make your trip to Gilan a dream one. Do not forget to taste Gilani dishes, Garlic-stocked and vegetable rich. Weekly Bazaars in every city in the province is where you can touch the pure Gilani life, seeing Gilani men and women with their colorful dresses, selling their products usually fresh fish and vegetables is really amazing.

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