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Ardabil province, located in northwest of the country is heaven of spas in Iran. Its capital city is Ardabil and most of the people living there are Azerbaijanis and speak Turkish Azerbaijani. It’s bordering Azerbaijan republic, East Azerbaijan, Gilan and Zanjan. The weather is cold in winters but in summers it’s pleasant. Numerous mineral springs, high mountains, local handicrafts and significant historical background attract many tourists every year.




Sabalan stratovolcano, with the height of 4811 meters and a beautiful little lake on its summit is one on the three high mountains of Iran. It has a variety of plant species.

Tomb of Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardabili which is registered by UNESCO and Jame mosque of Ardabil are two historic sites of the province. Sareyn and frequent other hot springs in Ardabil give you full recovery for your mind and body and are awesome for treating skin problems. Gilim and jajim are two handicrafts woven by the locals.

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