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May 15, 2019May 15, 2019

Yazd Accent, Bikes and Tunning Alleys

Yazdi accent is close to all parts of Iran but has delicate differences. People love Yazdi accent a lot and when a Yazdi speaks everyone is all ear and enjoying. Yazd is like a shadow in desert and surrounded by ancient sites like Ernan rock painting, Anahita temple of Qarbal Biz springs, Kasnavieh hills, Saryazd...

December 19, 2018June 23, 2019


Yalda is celebrated on the longest night of the year, December 21st. it is supposed to mark birth of Mithra. This is perhaps the only ancient Iranian ceremony except Nowruz that has retained its importance among Iranians. Light, day and sunshine are assumed to be the signs of Ahuramazda, whereas night, darkness and cold are...

April 8, 2018April 8, 2018

Tulip Festival

Markazi Province is located in central Iran. The largest city in Markazi is Arak. This province is known as the main center of floriculture in Iran. From April 5th-15th a flower festival is held in an 8,000 square meter garden presenting more than 20 species of tulips.